My thoughts at the time of COVID19

This is a really bad and sad period for everyone: we can’t meet our relatives, our friends and our schoolmates.
But I think we must reflect on our lives, our relationships, our country and the people who are part of it.

I consider myself very lucky to have a healthy family and something to eat every day, even in this period of crisis. There are families that are struggling to get to the end of the month, maybe because they are not getting their salaries or, even worse, maybe they have been fired.
In both cases, I think there should be an immediate contribution made by the State to help those families who are visibly going through a difficult time.
Unfortunately it takes time, sometimes even too long.

It’s very upsetting to think about how life can change at any moment without a warning, like it happened in this situation. It’s like the coming of a storm: just a second ago it was sunny and there was no wind. But then, out of nowhere, it started raining.

There are people who are spending this quarantine time completely alone, without parents, brothers and wives or husbands: that’s why, right now, we must reconsider the value of solidarity and of our relationships with others.

The social importance of roles and jobs is being reconsidered everywhere: “thanks” to this period, we’ve started seeing nurses and doctors under a new prospective, considering them as heroes.
But we should also be thanking all people who are still working, like people who work in supermarkets or pharmacies.

Also, think about being a doctor: what if you had to decide whether to save a 20-year-old man or a 80-year-old man? Who has the right to decide when a life must end?
Personally, I don’t think I would be able to decide, and thankfully I’m not in the position where I have to make that choice.

Nevertheless I still hold on to the hope of a better future for everyone.

Meanwhile “Stay safe!”

A student from 3^H RIM

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